Media Bites December 2019-January 2020

The Self-Care Solution J E NN I F E R ASHTON , M . D . , M . S . Dr Jennifer Ashton is at the top of her field as an obstetrician-gynecologist and news correspondent. But even at the top there’s still room to improve, and with The Self-Care Solution , she upends her life one month at a time, using her own experiences to help you improve your health and enhance your life.

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain – New Edition BARBAR A ARROWSM I TH -YOUNG A worldwide bestseller, this is the incredible story of a woman who struggled with severe learning disabilities, built herself a better brain, and started a program that has helped thousands of others do the same. This new edition includes 16 new case studies and a brand new chapter.

Released: 30/12/19 TPB | 272pp

Released: 30/12/19 TPB | 368pp

AU $29.99 NZ $34.99 Imprint: HarperCollins Publicity contact: Kajal Narayan

AU $34.99 NZ $36.99 Imprint: HarperCollins Publicity contact: Lara Wallace

Clean 7 A L E JANDRO J UNGE R , M . D . The definitive program on

Emperors of the Deep WI L L I AM M c K E E V E R Sharks are ruthlessly efficient predators, the apex of 450 million years of evolution. They are older than trees, have survived five extinction events and are essential to maintaining balanced ocean ecosystems, but how much do we really know about their lives?

detoxification just got easier, thanks to multiple New York Times bestselling author Dr Alejandro Junger’s detailed, personalised and medically proven seven-day plan that helps us begin to rid our bodies of the multitude of toxins that infiltrate our systems every day.

Released: 30/12/19 TPB | 272pp

Released: 30/12/19 TBP | 256pp

AU $32.99 NZ $36.99 Imprint: William Collins Publicity contact: Nicola Woods

AU $29.99 NZ $34.99 Imprint: HarperCollins Publicity contact: Nicola Woods


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