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Jim Moginie TThe Silver River

RuPaul THE HOUSE OF HIDDEN MEANINGS RuPaul Andre Charles is an actor, musician, television personality and internationally beloved drag queen. He produces and hosts RuPaul’s Drag Race, which has received 12 Primetime Emmy Awards, including 6 for Outstanding Host and has been the inspiration for international versions in 15 countries and several spinoffs including the popular Drag Race: All Stars and Celebrity Drag Race. He also hosts the podcast RuPaul: What’s the Tee? With Michelle Visage.

Jim is best known as a songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player for the Midnight Oil, but his career has also spanned dozens of less well known creative adventures, from playing traditional Irish music with Shameless Seamus & the Tullamore Dews and creating soundscapes for eight guitars under the banner of Jim Moginie’s Electric Guitar Orchestra, to playing with punk-edged cerebral rock band the Family Dog and surf instrumentalists The Break.

Australian Ashleigh Barty was a professional tennis player on the Women’s Tennis Association tour from 2011-2022 (with a break from late 2014 to early 2016). Regarded as one of the sport’s most naturally talented players, Ash’s game style and ability to play a wide variety of shots set her apart from her opponents. With her signature humility, confidence to guide her own path and commitment to being a good person, she became a role model for many. Ash announced her retirement from professional tennis in March 2022. Ranked WTA World No. 1 and with three Grand Slam singles titles to her name, she departed from the sport as one of the most accomplished players ever. A proud Indigenous woman, Ash is committed to creating sport and education opportunities for youth in communities around Australia. Ash Barty MY DREAM FOR YOU

Jackie French AM is an award-winning writer, wombat negotiator, the 2014–2015 Australian Children’s Laureate and the 2015 Senior Australian of the Year. In 2016 Jackie became a Member of the Order of Australia for her contribution to children’s literature and her advocacy for youth literacy. She is regarded as one of Australia’s most popular children’s authors and writes across all genres — from picture books, history, fantasy, ecology and sci-fi to her much loved historical fiction for a variety of age groups. Jackie French The Sea Captain’s Wife


What Happened to Nina? DERVLA MCTIERNAN

Sisterhood CATHY KELLY Two sisters. One secret. A journey to learn who they really are… As the waves crash on to a wild Atlantic beach, Lou is at a crossroads. For the first time ever, just giving up seems like an option. In just one night, at her own 50th birthday, her world has imploded. Her mother has kept a secret hidden all her life. And it changes everything. Before Lou can take another step, she needs to get to the bottom of the shocking truth that alters who she really is. Along with her sister, Toni, who is facing her own crisis, the two women sets out on a life-changing journey – one that will take

Nina and Simon are the perfect couple. Young, fun and deeply in love. Until they leave for a weekend at his family’s cabin in Vermont, and only Simon comes home. WHAT HAPPENED TO NINA? Nobody knows. Simon’s explanation about what happened in their last hours together doesn’t add up. Nina’s parents push the police for answers, and Simon’s parents rush to protect him. They hire expensive lawyers and a PR firm that quickly ramps up a vicious, nothing-is-off-limits media campaign. HOW FAR WILL HIS FAMILY GO TO KEEP HIM SAFE? Soon, facts are lost in a swirl of accusation

them through Ireland’s wildest coastline and to Sicily’s sun-baked rocky shores. It will also take Lou deep into her relationships with her mother, her sister and her daughter to figure out how to stop pleasing everyone else – and carve out who she really wants to be. Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 384pp

and counter-accusation. Everyone chooses a side, and the story goes viral, fuelled by armchair investigators and wild conspiracy theories and illustrated with pretty pictures taken from Nina’s social media accounts. Journalists descend on their small Vermont town, followed by a few obsessive ‘fans.’ HOW FAR WILL HER FAMILY GO TO GET TO THE TRUTH? Nina’s family is under siege, but they never lose sight of the only thing that really matters - finding their daughter. Out-gunned by Simon’s wealthy, powerful family, Nina’s parents recognize that if playing by the rules won’t get them anywhere, it’s time to break them. Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 352pp

AU $32.99 NZ $36.99 Imprint: HarperCollins

AU $34.99 NZ $37.99 Imprint: HarperCollins


End of Story A J FINN “I’ll be dead in three months. Come tell my story.” This is the chilling invitation from Sebastian Trapp, renowned mystery novelist, to his long-time correspondent Nicky Hunter, an expert in detective fiction. Welcomed into his lavish San Francisco mansion, Nicky begins to unravel Trapp’s life story under the watchful eyes of his enigmatic wife and plainspoken daughter. But Sebastian Trapp is a mystery himself. And maybe – probably – a murderer. Two decades ago, his first wife and son vanished – the case never solved. Is the master of mystery playing a deadly

Empire of the Damned JAY KRISTOFF

The highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE . Gabriel de León has saved the Holy Grail from death, but his chance to end the endless night is lost. After turning his back on his silversaint brothers once and for all, Gabriel and the Grail set out to learn the truth of how Daysdeath might finally be undone. But the last silversaint faces peril, within and without. Pursued by children of the Forever King, drawn into wars and webs centuries in the weaving, and ravaged by his own rising bloodlust, Gabriel may not survive to see the truth of the Grail revealed.

game – and if so, who will be the loser? And when a body surfaces in the family’s garden, they all realize the past isn’t

A truth that may be too awful for any to imagine. Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 400pp AU $35.99 NZ $37.99 Imprint: Voyager

buried – it’s waiting. Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 432pp AU $32.99 NZ $36.99 Imprint: Hemlock Press


The Phoenix Crown An unforgettable story about the intertwined lives of two wronged women, spanning from the chaos of the San Francisco earthquake to the glittering palaces of Versailles… San Francisco, 1906. In a city bustling with newly minted millionaires and scheming upstarts, two very different women hope to change their fortunes: Gemma, a golden-haired, silver-voiced soprano whose career desperately needs rekindling, and Suling, a petite and resolute Chinatown embroideress who is determined to escape an arranged marriage. Their paths cross when they are drawn into the orbit of Henry Thornton, a charming railroad magnate whose extraordinary collection of Chinese antiques includes the fabled Phoenix Crown, a legendary relic of Beijing’s fallen Summer Palace. His patronage offers Gemma and Suling the chance of a lifetime, but their lives are thrown into turmoil when a devastating earthquake rips San Francisco apart and Thornton disappears, leaving behind a mystery reaching further than anyone could have imagined . . . Until the Phoenix Crown reappears five years later at a sumptuous Paris costume ball, drawing Gemma and Suling together in one last desperate quest for justice . . . Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 384pp KATE QUINN & JANIE CHANG Butter The cult Japanese bestseller about a female gourmet cook and serial killer and the journalist intent on cracking her case, inspired by a true story. There are two things that I can simply not tolerate: feminists and margarine. Gourmet cook Manako Kajii sits in Tokyo Detention Centre convicted of the serial murders of lonely businessmen, who she is said to have seduced with her delicious home cooking. The case has captured the nation’s imagination but Kajii refuses to speak with the press, entertaining no visitors. That is, until journalist Rika Machida writes a letter asking for her recipe for beef stew and Kajii can’t resist writing back. Rika, the only woman in her news office, works late each night, rarely cooking more than ramen. As the visits unfold between her and the steely Kajii, they are closer to a masterclass in food than journalistic research. Rika hopes this gastronomic exchange will help her soften Kajii but it seems that she might be the one changing. With each meal she eats, something is awakening in her body, might she and Kaji have more in common than she once thought? Inspired by the real case of the convicted con woman and serial killer, “The Konkatsu Killer”, Asako Yuzuki’s Butter is a vivid, unsettling exploration of misogyny, obsession, romance and the transgressive pleasures of food in Japan. Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 304pp ASAKO YUZUKI AU $32.99 NZ $34.99 Imprint: HarperCollins

AU $32.99 NZ $34.99 Imprint: Fourth Estate



The Book of Witches JONATHAN STRAHAN

An array of original stories from around the world bring a new and exciting twist to one of the most beloved figures in fiction: witches. Witches! Whether you know them from Shakespeare or from WICKED, there is no staple more beloved in folklore, fairy tale, or fantasy than these magical beings. Witches are everywhere, and at the heart of stories that resonate with many people around the world. This dazzling, otherworldly collection gathers new stories of witches from all walks of life. Whether they be maiden, mother, crone, or other; funny, fierce, light and airy, or dark and disturbing; witches are a vital part of some of the greatest

Enemies-to-lovers doesn’t get more high stakes than a witch and a witch hunter falling in love in bestselling author Kristen Ciccarelli’s latest romantic fantasy. On the night Rune’s life changed forever, blood ran in the streets. Now, in the aftermath of a devastating revolution, witches have been diminished from powerful rulers to outcasts ruthlessly hunted due to their waning magic, and Rune must hide what she is. Spending her days pretending to be nothing more than a vapid young socialite, Rune spends her nights as the Crimson Moth, a witch vigilante who rescues her kind from being purged.

stories we have, and new ones start here! Bringing together twenty-nine stories and poems from some of the greatest science fiction and fantasy writers working today, including three tales from a BIPOC-only open submission period, THE BOOK OF WITCHES features Linda Addison, C.L. Clark, P Djeli Clark, Indrapramit Das, Amal El Mohtar, Andrea Hairston, Millie Ho, Saad Hossain, Kathleen Jennings, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Cassandra Khaw, Fonda Lee, Darcie Little Badger, Ken Liu, Usman T. Malik, Maureen F. McHugh, Premee Mohammed, Garth Nix, Tobi Ogundiran, Tochi Onyebuchi, Miyuki Jane Pinckard, Kelly Robson, Angela Slatter, Andrea Stewart, Emily Teng, Sheree Renée Thomas, Tade Thompson, and E. Lily Yu— and contains illustrations from three-time Hugo award-nominated artist Alyssa Winans throughout. This extraordinary anthology vividly breathes life into one of the most captivating and feared magical sorceresses and will become a treasured keepsake for fans of fantasy, science fiction, and fairy tales everywhere. Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 512pp AU $34.99 NZ $36.99 Imprint: Voyager

When a rescue goes wrong, she decides to throw the witch hunters off her scent and gain the intel she desperately needs by courting the handsome Gideon Sharpe – a notorious and unforgiving witch hunter loyal to the revolution – who she can’t help but find herself falling for. Gideon loathes the decadence and superficiality Rune represents, but when he learns the Crimson Moth has been using Rune’s merchant ships to smuggle renegade witches out of the republic, he inserts himself into her social circles by pretending to court her right back. He soon realizes that beneath her beauty and shallow façade, is someone fiercely intelligent and tender who feels like his perfect match. Except, what if she’s the very villain he’s been hunting? Kristen Ciccarelli’s The Crimson Moth is the thrilling start to a romantic fantasy duology where the only thing more treacherous than being a witch…is falling in love. Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 416PP

AU $29.99 NZ $32.99 Imprint: Magpie Books


The Sea Captain’s Wife


From bestselling author Jackie French comes a compelling story of murder, mystery, and mutiny on the high seas - and a love so intense it can overcome two different cultures. You never know what the sea will give you ... or what it will take back. When Mair McCrae follows her island tradition and hunts for a husband cast up on the beach, she has no notion that the naked, half-drowned man she rescues is not just Captain Michael Dawson, heir to a major shipping firm, but that he’s also obsessed by a ‘ghost ship’ carrying golden cargo. On Big Henry Island women make the decisions and knit the patterns that mark a man as their own. But Big Henry is also a volcano, and threatening to erupt. Yet when Mair agrees to accompany Michael home, she finds that the Australian comfort he promised has a danger just as real: a social system that tries to keep women confined to small roles at the edges of men’s lives. And as Michael hunts for the ‘Ghost’ in his revolutionary new steamship, a string of mysterious deaths upends Mair’s new life in Sydney. Who is committing these murders, and why is Mair the only one who realises what is happening? Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 400pp AU $32.99 NZ $35 Imprint: HQ The Accident A terrible crash... but the facts don’t add up. Worlds converge and two women’s lives are torn apart when a devastating accident uncovers a shocking web of lies. A gripping and thought-provoking new mystery from bestselling Australian author Fiona Lowe. Perfect for readers who enjoy Liane Moriarty and Sally Hepworth. Freya thought she could relax when Ryan’s best mate Jamie got engaged to her best friend Hannah. Two couples, four friends - what could be better than that? But a day before the wedding Freya’s torn between keeping the peace or blowing it up. Hannah’s perfect wedding is hours away and she’s daydreaming of a honeymoon in Tahiti and starting the family she longs for when she hears the first-responder sirens. Is it a grass fire? Worse? And why aren’t Ryan or Jamie answering their phones? When a car veers off the road with devastating consequences, the small wheatbelt town of Garringarup is left reeling, but no one’s world is more shattered than Hannah and Freya’s. As disturbing details surrounding the accident emerge and questions pile up, ugly secrets rise to the surface. Mystery, lies and scandal - it’s soon obvious nothing is as it seems in this small town... The gripping and thought-provoking new mystery from bestselling Australian author Fiona Lowe. Released: 06/-3/24 TPB | 400 AU $32.99 NZ $35 Imprint: HQ FIONA LOWE




‘The ending shattered me in a way only Tarryn Fisher can!’ Colleen Hoover, Sunday Times bestselling author Follow a woman on a mission to find her kidnapped sister in this explosive new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Never Never! When Iris was a teen, her twin sister Piper was kidnapped.

To move forward, she’ll have to face the past. Paige Bennett is fulfilling her childhood dream of working and living on the land as a station hand on Whitetail Ridge. Getting her hands dirty, riding horses, working with cattle and kicking up red dust. Life can’t get much better. Or so she thinks, until a devastating act of violent betrayal leaves her unemployed, homeless and broken. A fight with his father drove Jackson Brady off Karilga, his family’s cattle

Now an adult, Iris wants one thing – proof. And if the police still won’t help, she’ll just have to find it her own way: by interning at the isolated Shoal Island Hospital for the criminally insane, where secrets lurk in the shadows and are kept under lock and key. But Iris soon realizes that something even more sinister is simmering beneath the surface of the Shoal, and that the patients aren’t the only ones being observed… Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 300pp AU $32.99 NZ $35 Imprint: HQ

station in the Queensland outback. Now he’s made a life for himself away from the land, joining a band and settling into the city. When the girl he’s always had his eye on shows up with news from back home, he’s faced with a difficult choice: go home where he’s needed or stay where he’s wanted. Winding up on Karilga Station, Paige is a shadow of the person she once was. Desperate to forget what happened to her, she considers leaving her beloved channel country. But things aren’t so easily forgotten in the outback. When fate gives her no option but to trust again, will she find love as well? Or at least a safe place to land? Jackson knows he’s never been more to Paige than a country larrikin who only takes the beer at the end of the day seriously - a sentiment closely echoed by his father. Can Jackson prove himself to his father and become the man Paige needs him to be? Or will it all crumble in the red dirt of the outback? A heartfelt, deeply emotional story about finding home, facing the past and falling in love, from a captivating new voice in rural romance.

Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 300pp AU $32.99 NZ $35 Imprint: HQ



The House of Hidden Meanings RUPAUL Central to RuPaul’s success has been his chameleonic adaptability. From drag icon to powerhouse producer of one of the world’s largest television franchises, RuPaul’s ever-shifting nature has always been part of his brand as both supermodel and supermogul. Yet that adaptability has made him enigmatic to the public. In this memoir, his most intimate and detailed book yet, RuPaul makes himself truly known. Stripping away all artifice, RuPaul recounts the story of his life with breathtaking clarity and tenderness, bringing his signature wisdom and wit to his own biography. From his early years growing up as a queer Black kid in San Diego navigating complex relationships with his absent father and temperamental mother, to forging an identity in the punk and drag scenes of Atlanta and New York, to finding enduring love with his husband Georges LeBar and self-acceptance in sobriety, RuPaul excavates his own biography, uncovering new truths and insights in his personal history. Here in RuPaul’s singular and extraordinary story is a manual for living-a personal philosophy that testifies to the value of chosen family, the importance of harnessing what makes you different, and the transformational power of facing yourself fearlessly. If we’re all born naked and the rest is drag, then this is RuPaul totally out of drag. This is RuPaul stripped bare. The Silver River For fifty years, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player Jim Moginie was a driving force behind the startling rise and global success of one of Australia’s most powerful, influential and iconic rock bands. Through the ups and downs of writing and releasing generation-defining songs, touring relentlessly and enduring the intense scrutiny drawn by the band’s uncompromising lyrics and environmental activism, the members of Midnight Oil developed a feeling of ‘five against the world’, the firm friends forming a de facto family. For Jim Moginie, the band was a calling and a refuge, and a distraction from a growing feeling that something was missing from his life. Raised by a loving family, he’d learned as a child that his biological mother had given him up for adoption. Gradually, alongside the Oils’ unfolding saga of stardom and controversy, Jim began a quest to find his birth family, these twin paths leading him from suburban Sydney through the nascent Australian punk scene and the uncharted musical territory of the Western deserts to the stadiums of Europe and America, the meandering roads and verdant hills of rural Ireland, countless musical collaborations, and poignant reunions with band members and long-lost relatives. Threaded with vivid recollections of childhood and travel, entertaining behind-the-scenes stories of band life, and fascinating insights into the creative processes that produced some of this country’s most beloved songs, The Silver River is at once a lyrical coming-of-age story, a heart-warming family chronicle, and a must-read for anyone interested in the history of Australian music. JIM MOGINIE Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 256pp AU $34.99 NZ $39.99 Imprint: HarperCollins

Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 304pp AU $34.99 NZ $39.99 Imprint: HarperCollins



JoyFull The much awaited debut cookery book from Radhi Devlukia-Shetty. A passionate cook and nutritionist, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty’s JoyFull is abundant and inviting. With over 125 plant-based recipes, it is designed to balance health and satisfaction; her wide-ranging dishes bring vibrant flavours to every meal of the day and rely on accessible ingredients. RADHI SHETTY


The impassioned memoir of Afghanistan’s Sima Samar: medical doctor, public official, founder of schools and hospitals, thorn in the side of the Taliban, nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, and lifelong advocate for girls and women. ‘I have three strikes against me. I’m a woman, I speak out for women and I’m Hazara, the most persecuted tribe in Afghanistan.’ Dr Sima Samar has been fighting for equality and justice for most of her life. Born into a polygamous family, she learned early that girls had inferior status, and had to agree to an arranged

And because food alone cannot sustain us completely, Radhi shares her daily wellness practices: her revitalizing morning skincare routine,ancient rituals to nourish and strengthen your hair, meditations and prayers for staying present, and breathwork that will carry you through each phase the day. As a student of Ayurveda, Radhi shares its transformative principles in a way that’s easy for anyone to incorporate into their life. She offers mindful practices around cooking and explains how, as we connect to our food and understand our body, we can improve our health. Whether satisfying comfort food or a warming bowl of grains and vegetables, each dish – and ritual – in JoyFull is intended to bring harmony to you and your body. Written with generosity and kindness, Radhi takes you on a journey towards a JoyFull life.

marriage if she wanted to go to university. By the time she was in medical school, she had a son, Ali, and had become a revolutionary. After her husband was disappeared by the pro-Russian regime, she escaped. With her son and medical degree, she took off into the rural areas-by horseback, by donkey, even on foot-to treat people who had never had medical help before. Her wide-ranging experiences both in her home country and on the world stage mean she has all the inside stories: the dishonesty, the collusion, the corruption, the self-serving leaders, the hijacking of religion. And as a former Vice President, she knows all the players in this chess game called Afghanistan. With stories that are at times poignant, at times terrifying, inspiring as well as disheartening, Sima provides an unparalleled view of Afghanistan’s past and its present. Despite being in grave personal danger for many years, she has worked tirelessly to achieve justice and full human rights for all the citizens of her country.

Released: 06/03/24 NSH | 288pp AU $45.00 NZ $49.99 Imprint: Thorsons

Released: 06/03/24 TPB | 336pp AU $34.99 NZ $37.99 Imprint: HarperCollins


Cuckooland TOM BURGIS

From the bestselling author of Kleptopia comes a true story about Cuckooland – a world where the rich can buy everything – including the truth. Everywhere, the powerful are making a renewed claim to the greatest prize of all: to own the truth. The power to choose what you want reality to be and impose that reality on the world. For three years, Tom Burgis followed a lead that took him deeper and deeper into Cuckooland – the place where the rich own the truth. The trail snaked from the Kremlin to Kathmandu, Stockholm to the Steppe, from a blood-soaked town square in Uzbekistan to a royal retreat in Scotland. Burgis hunted down oligarchs, developed secret sources and traced vast sums of money flowing between multinational corporations, ex-Soviet dictators and the west’s ruling elites. And at the centre, he found one man who wanted the power to bend reality to his will. This book tells his astonishing story: a tale of secrets and lies that reveals how fragile that truth can be. Whether it’s in Kazakh torture chambers or the UK’s High Court, the lords of Cuckooland are seizing control of the truth. They decree what stories may be told about war and money and power, what we are permitted to know – and more importantly, what we are not.

Released: 06/03/24 B+P | 304pp AU $32.99 NZ $36.99 Imprint: William Collins


MARCH 2024 – CHILDREN’S & YA The Name Drop

My Dream for You


A heart-warming aspirational picture book for new mums and babies from First Nations tennis champion and new mum, Ash Barty, with Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin, the bestsellingteam behind Little Ash. My dream for you begins earlier than dawn, in the magical days before you are born. I dream of our future with you in my arms, waking to birdsong, sharing sunlit yarns. A loving story about a mother’s hopes and dreams for her new baby. From Ash Barty, tennis champion, with bestselling creative duo, Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin. ASH BARTY, JASMIN MCGOUGHEY, JADE GOODWIN Bunny and Bird: How to be Invisable NICK BLAND When Bunny arrives at the park wearing Grandpa’s hat, he thinks it has made him invisible. But Bird can still see him! The more Bunny tries, the less invisible he seems. The best friends enjoy the hat even if it’s notmagical. But are they sure it’s not a magical hat? From Australia’s bestselling picture-book creator, Nick Bland, comes a new series that celebrates friendship and fun.

A summer in New York City. A case of mistaken identity. What could possibly go wrong? A working summer in New York City at tech company Haneul Corporation takes an unexpected turn when the recalcitrant son of the CEO Elijah and ambitious intern Jessica are mistaken for each other and end up in each other’s roles. With their futures and feelings at stake, they must work together to keep up the charade and avoid discovery. But as they spend more time together, a spark ignites between them, making their situation even more complicated. Will they be able to keep their identities a secret, or will their case of mistaken identity lead to total disaster?

Released: 06/03/24 NSH| 24pp AU $24.99 NZ $26.99 Imprint: HarperCollins

Released: 06/03/24 BPB | 304 pp AU $19.99 NZ $21.99 Imprint: HQ Young Adult

MIIMI AND BUWAARR (MOTHER AND BABY) MELISSA GREENWOOD Being your miimi (mother) is the most precious gift life can give. When you were born you opened my heart as wide as the ocean. Join Miimi (Mother) as she shares

stories with her Buwaarr (baby) about the environment, language and totems; passing on the wisdom of Gumbaynggirr culture and a mother’s hopes for baby’s future. A lyrical and heart-stirring series by Gumbaynggirr artist Melissa Greenwood, creator of Miimi Marraal, Mother Earth, My Little Barlaagany (Sunshine) and Giinagay Gaagal, Hello Ocean.

Released: 06/03/24 NSH| 32pp AU $24.99 NZ $26.99 Imprint: HarperCollins

Released: 06/03/24 BPB| 24pp AU $24.99 NZ $26.99 Imprint: ABC Books


The Travelling Bookshop Mim and the Vicious Vendetta

KATRINA NANNESTAD Mim Cohen roams the world in a travelling bookshop, with her dad and brother and a horse called Flossy. Flossy leads them where she will, to the place where they’re needed most ... the place where the perfect book will find its way home. Now Mim has arrived in wonderful Venice, city of canals, palaces, bridges, boats and ... quarrels. Gondolier battles, cat nappings and laundry theft are just the beginning. The Magnifico familyand the Forte family are at war. Mim knows they’re here to help the feuding families. To show them a better way to behave. To bring an end to the vicious vendetta. If only Mim could find each of them the right book. If only they’d all stop reading the wrong books.

Released: 06/03/24 BPB | 240 pp AU $16.99 NZ $18.99 Imprint: ABC Books


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